I grew up in Australia; I live in the USA.

I drive a 1968 Mustang, original paint.

I have C-PTSD and write about how to get over your crap.

I also write poetry and posts about Human Trafficking.

Here are the books I have written, including the poetry one.

I started Give Them A Voice Foundation, to help kids like I was.

My story is featured in Stopping Traffic movie.

I run seminars on Trafficking and PTSD.

I am PTSD recovery coach and piss people off.

Email or call me so we can chat or set up an event.


The purpose of Give Them a Voice is to give a voice to those that do not have one, to educate those who do not know, and to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

The vision is to establish a collective of skilled individuals and cooperating organizations who are committed to addressing the hard topics of the effects of pornography, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Give Them a Voice Foundation #drjohnaking
Updates on the fight against trafficking around the world, and heroic stories of recovery.


State Dept: Trafficking Of Men And Boys Hidden and Unreported

Trafficking in Persons Report June 2017 Around the world, the sex trafficking of boys and men continues to be hidden and underreported, and there is a severe shortage of programs...
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Fort Worth Woman Guilty of Running Sex Trafficking Ring

In his article today in the Star Telegraph, reporter RYAN OSBORNE gives an account of the guilty plea of Shatara Armstrong to running a prostitution ring of underage girls. The...
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State Dept : Men And Boys Represent Half Of All Trafficked

Trafficking in Persons Report June 2017 The most frequently cited global statistics on human trafficking indicate that men and boys represent nearly half of the total number of human trafficking...
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PTSD thoughts


I grew up in Australia; I live in the USA. I drive a 1968 Mustang, original paint. I have C-PTSD and write about how to get over your crap. I...
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Develop a Work Ethic

You are not entitled to success. Develop a “blue collar” work ethic and marry it to an unbending will. There are no real rules, so make rules that work for...
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Turning Your Stress Into Strength.

I had the privilege of speaking with Melissa Wilson from The Grass Gets Greener on the topic of turning your post traumatic stress into post traumatic strengths. I thought I...
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My journey started with poetry, and writing continues to be my happiest pursuit. Keep track of the current work here, and check the shop for my first book, NO WORKING TITLE. The proceeds go to benefit the work we do with Give Them a Voice.


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