I grew up in Australia; I live in the USA. I drive a 1968 Mustang, original paint. I have C-PTSD and write about how to get over your crap. I also write poetry and about Human Trafficking. Here are the books I have written, including the poetry one. I started Give Them A Voice Foundation,...
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Perfectionism and Creativity #drjohnaking #thinkbigbooks

Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity

Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity. Saying no is a decision without need for an explanation. Who made up the rule that everybody has a “single life purpose?” Sounds boring, not fulfilling. Sounds like someone justifying why they are living with their head up their butts. Sounds like a lot of bloody hard work –...
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Bored at Work? Here Are 7 Ways to Snap Out of It

Jen Dziura from daily worth did a great quick summary entitled “Bored at Work? Here Are 7 Ways to Snap Out of It” . Here are some highlights. You really should take the time and read the whole article.  Angle for a Promotion Your not bored !! Your just ready for the next thing. Learn New...
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A guide to corporate culture

The reality is everything about us says something. How we dress, how we stand, how we talk, how we play. As in life so in business. What is corporate culture? In its most basic sense, corporate culture (or office culture) alludes to how employees in a company interact with the world inside and outside the...
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7 Leadership Tips when the Business is Struggling #drjohnaking

7 Leadership Tips When The Business Is Struggling

Martin Zwilling wrote an interesting piece in Forbes a while back, I thought I would give you the highlights: Expect anxiety on the team and deal with it directly. When things are not going well, or when the future is clouded with unknowns, expect to find people on the team who are scared and angry. Don’t...
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