8 Leadership Lessons from Santa #drjohnaking

8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa

Santa’s not just jolly…he can teach us a thing or two about leadership, apparently.   8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa: Jeff Fermin and the folks at officevibe have come up with this brilliant infographic on leadership lessons from Santa.   Here is a summary, please visit the article for the full...
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JFK's on the Brink Leadership Lessons #drjohnaking

JFK’s On-The-Brink Leadership Lessons

Geoff Loftus writes a great article for Forbes. Please click through for the entire piece. Fifty-two years ago, yesterday, the Cuban Missile Crisis ended. For the preceding thirteen days, the world had teetered on the brink of the ultimate horror: nuclear war. How did things get to such a pass? The simple answer: a failure...
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Leadership Lessons from Giraffe #drjohnaking

Leadership Lessons from Giraffe

This is a fascinating piece of leadership writing from the Nigerian Tribune. Be sure to click through to read the rest of the article. If we take the time to observe and reflect, we can learn some significant lessons from the animal kingdom all around us. Each species of animal has its own strengths and...
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Leadership Qualities to have Before You're 30 #drjohnaking

29 Leadership Qualities you Should Have Before Hitting your Thirties

I periodically try to share things that I’m reading that are having an impact on me…this is one of those. Nicole Smart has written a great article. Nicole reflects on the biggest lessons she’s learned leading a startup a year before her 30th birthday. Here are just some of the highlights….make sure you check out the...
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Character Counts #drjohnaking

Character Counts: Decide, Commit, Succeed

The primary quality of all leaders is the ability to make decisions. Indecisive leaders are double-minded leaders and they’re unstable men in all their ways. Good leaders do not second-guess themselves, because when they do, they create confusion in their own mind. Based on the choices you make, based on the decisions you make, you...
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