Every story has a beginning. Every causes a catalyst.

Mine was an emotional and mental implosion at the age of 45. When I had total recall of the sexual abuse, I had suffered from around 4-16 by both my parents and their friends. I talk about this on the No Working Title book site.

When I started to try and find someone to talk to, I couldn’t. All the support groups were for women only. Therapists and church groups in my area only wanted to talk to women or hold groups for women. My favourite was, “You are a stalker, men don’t get abused, you’re here to try and get laid”.

Give Them A Voice Foundation gives a voice to all those that don’t have one. Our work is inclusive; our emphasis is discussing the sexual abuse and trafficking of boys and men.

GTAVF focus is helping law enforcement, health care workers, educators and community with identify victims and perpetrators. Our partnership with the multi-award winning documentary, Stopping Traffic brings an unparalleled insight into the topic.


We See You.

Victim and Perpetrator identification Seminar for police, health care worker, educators and community groups

In the late 1980’s a model for identifying victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse and human trafficking was drafted. As a result of our working with police, first responders, academics and health care professional, GTAVF has developed a new methodology that is revolutionizing the way that this is done.

This seminar is the only one of it’s type in the world.

Boys to Men

Utilizing current international studies that show that boys and men are abused and trafficked at the same rate if not higher than girls and women. Boys To Men is a powerful look at the impact of sexual abuse, trafficking and pornography on boys as they grow into manhood.

Church, Kids and Creeps

Church, Kids and Creeps is designed to help train church staff, workers and parents for the growing issue of Sexual Abuse and Human trafficking.

Keeping Schools Safe

Keeping Schools Safe follows the guidelines for Texas Educational Professionals, utilizing our real world experience and the Stopping Traffic Documentary for both teachers and pupils.

Stopping Traffic

Stopping Traffic – The Film. A showing of the complete documentary as a catalyst for discussion of the issue of human and sex trafficking with the aim of engaging your community to action.

Girl Power

Girl Power is a raw and honest conversation with girls and their parents about the ins and outs of sex trafficking on- and offline. How to identify traffickers and how to prevent the women and girls in your life from becoming victims.

Trafficking is Big Business – is it part of yours?

Trafficking is Big Business – is it part of yours? This seminar is designed to help businesses implement best practices for their management and human resource personnel. We look at ways to avoid the pitfalls of illegal hiring and non-purposeful participation in human trafficking in labor and staff recruitment.

Man Up

Man Up mobilizes men and boys in communities of faith to take a stand against pornography, sexual abuse and sexual trafficking.