The mission of the foundation is to GIVE A VOICE to those that do not have one.

As an organization, GTAVF works with many individuals and groups to help co-ordinate educational and informational events, training seminars, and rallies around the world. If you would like Dr. King to speak at your event or design some training for you, please feel free to contact us. 

Through our work in Awareness, Education, Training and Rescue we desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives by tackling the hard topics of the effects of pornography, sexual abuse and human trafficking. If William Wilberforce could cause the tide of slavery to change in his lifetime, so can we.


Church, Kids and Creeps

Church, Kids and Creeps is designed to help train church staff, workers and parents for the growing issue of Sexual Abuse and Human trafficking.

Keeping Schools Safe

Keeping Schools Safe follows the guidelines for Texas educational professionals, but utilizes our real world experience for both teachers and pupils.

Man Up

Man Up mobilizes men and boys in communities of faith to make a stand against pornography and sexual trafficking.

Boys to Men

Boys to Men a powerful look at the sexual abuse of boys and the effect it has as they grow into manhood. We discuss the role that pornography and the internet plays in leading young men into dangerous situations. This course is designed for young men and their parents. It moves sexual abuse and trafficking from a gender issue to a human rights issue.

Stopping Traffic

Stopping Traffic – The Film. A showing of the complete documentary as a catalyst for discussion of the issue of human and sex trafficking with the aim of engaging your community to action.

Girl Power

Girl Power is a raw and honest conversation with girls and their parents about the ins and outs of sex trafficking on- and offline. How to identify traffickers and how to prevent the women and girls in your life from becoming victims.

Trafficking is Big Business – is it part of yours?

Trafficking is Big Business – is it part of yours? This seminar is designed to help businesses implement best practices for their management and human resource personnel. We look at ways to avoid the pitfalls of illegal hiring and non-purposeful participation in human trafficking in labor and staff recruitment.

Behind the Screen: ID, Assessment, and Response in the Health Care Setting

Behind the Screen: Identification, Assessment, and Response in the Health Care Setting. The objectives of this seminar are to educate health care providers about human trafficking, to provide resources for patient referral and help with ongoing professional education.