Turning The Negative Into The Positive

A negative mind will never give you a positive life #drjohnakingI just finished reading a great article by Dr Deana Murphy from Huffington Post entitled Fire Workplace Negativity and Run a Positive Institution. Here are some highlights for you:

When I worked in a corporate setting, I too experienced times when I became negative and sometimes angry under protocol. But the impact of this type of workplace culture causes a resistance to change and can swiftly narrow both productivity and profitability. A negative work culture will never give you a positive organization. Negativity can be fired.

It isn’t always easy managing a corporate culture. Everyone has to be on the same page otherwise there will be some toxicity, politics, inconsistencies, ego pushing and back-stabbing. I’ve certainly experienced my share when I worked in this kind of environment and discovered some blatant negative characteristics like these:

• Verbal – sarcasms, whispering remarks, yelling, whining, gossiping.
• Visual – rolling eyes, avoiding eye contact, frowning, shrugging, shutting down.
• Violent – taking out their frustrations on others.
• Victim – irresponsible of their own mistakes so they point fingers at others.
• Vulnerable – push them too hard and they strike back.
• Viewer – observing what others are doing wrong for creating an issue.
• Vacater – frequently absenteeism and lateness.

The article goes on to talk about Firing Negativity, the to Communicate Change and how to effectively Coach for change.

Well worth the read, here is the link again.