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“#dealwithit is a book for anyone who has lost it all. If you have been shot at, faced with sudden loss, blown up, screwed over (or in my case, screwed), this book is for you. I like to think of it as duct tape for the soul.” —Dr. John A. King

#dealwithit is the honest, raw, not-safe-for-work account of Dr. John A. King trying to piece his life back together, move forward and thrive after the spontaneous recall of over a decade of childhood sexual abuse by his parents and their friends. This recall event, or John-A-Geddon, was followed by the immediate onset of Complex Post Traumatic Stress, which led to the loss of his marriage, career and health.

This book shares John’s gritty process of rebuilding his life. On his journey, you’ll find practical tools, unlikely mentors and his trademark Aussie sarcasm. #dealwithit is the perfect book for anyone who is getting up to go again, or is in the middle of the fight and just needs to hear, “You can make it.”



I grew up in Australia; I live in the USA.

I drive a 1951 Fargo. Chances are you’ve never seen one–I hadn’t.

I have C-PTSD and write about how to get over your crap.

I also write poetry and posts about Human Trafficking.

Here are the books I have written, including the poetry one.

I started Give Them A Voice Foundation to help kids like I was.

My story is featured in Stopping Traffic movie.

I run seminars on Trafficking and PTSD.

I am a PTSD recovery coach and regularly piss people off.

Email or call me so we can chat or set up an event.


PTSD thoughts


Eve Ronakov reviews #dealwithit – living well with PTSD

Eve Ronakov reviews #dealwithit – living well with PTSD I say in #dealwithit that I believe vulnerability is courage. That looks great on paper, in real life it sucks, it’s...
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Xavier Webb – 3 Lessons I Learnt From #dealwithit

Xavier Webb entered the Marine Corps at the age of 18. Did his time, saw his share, experienced his share and rotated out with 80% disability. . For 10 years...
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Xavier Webb Reviews #dealwithit – living well with PTSD

We a great lunch with @xavierwebb86 yesterday, he drove into town, a 4 hour trip especially for it; we felt honored. . He went into the #marines at 18 and...
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My journey started with poetry, and writing continues to be my happiest pursuit. Keep track of the current work here, and check the shop for my first book, NO WORKING TITLE. The proceeds go to benefit the work we do with Give Them a Voice.

Rosie Garcia reviews No Working Title – a life in progress

Rosie Garcia Reviews No Working Title – a life in Progress . No Working Title – a Life in Progress is a collection of poetry, writings, stories and art that deal with the not regularly discussed topic of the effects of sexual abuse and pornography on boys as they grow into men. . This new...
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S.A.Battaglia reviews No Working Title – a life in progress

  S.A.Battaglia reviews No Working Title – a life in progress . For sexual abuse/sexual assault awareness month, I got a chance to read No Working Title: A Life in Progress by Dr. John A. King and was deeply moved by his story. . It reminded me of my own. I was abused. I have friends and...
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Jessi Rising reviews No Working Title

Jessi Rising reviews No Working Title – a life in progress. No Working Title is a book of poetry and stories, autobiographical in nature, outlining the impact of sexual abuse. People who want to learn more about the impact of sexual abuse and trafficking or who have a spouse who has been abused or have...
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do you see him ?

I wrote this piece after touring with a documentary on human trafficking that featured my story, Stopping Traffic. At every show, I was confronted with questions bordering on accusations that sexual abuse and rape doesn’t happen to boys and men. In some overseas countries, the abuse and trafficking of boys and men exceed the violation...
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Scream of the Silent

Scream of the Silent . “The Scream of the Silent” This has been my desire from the very beginning, to give a voice to the screams of the silent. To those that suffer from PTSD in its many forms. be it from military service, the impact of trauma on those who are first responders or...
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Narelle Selwood’s Review Starts An Awareness Campaign

Narelle became a 60 Second Advocate in bringing awareness to the issue of sexual abuse. . She downloaded a copy on my book, No Working Title – a life in progress from our website for free by entering the code ‘neveragain’ at the checkout and shared her reflections. . I will post her thoughts to...
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The purpose of Give Them a Voice is to give a voice to those that do not have one, to educate those who do not know, and to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

The vision is to establish a collective of skilled individuals and cooperating organizations who are committed to addressing the hard topics of the effects of pornography, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Updates on the fight against trafficking around the world, and heroic stories of recovery.


2 Primary School Children Abused By 11 Adults, 6 Female, 5 Male

The United State of America is the only western country to be still swayed by the outdated cultural bias that sexual abuse is perpetrated upon female victims by male predators....
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SM shares her story

Dr. King. I watched, “Stopping Traffic” tonight and it had a profound effect on me. My first memory is of my uncle pushing his penis in my mouth. I was...
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Pentagon Block Report on Sexual Abuse and Rape

The Washington Post carries a disturbing report on the Pentagon blocking the report of rape in Afghanistan. Why? Because the victims where boys.  Here is a summary : The Pentagon...
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