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Amber Courtot reviews #dealwithit and I piss off Dr FirstnameOnly

Amber Courtot reviews #dealwithit.
I had three hopes when I started writing #dealwithit:
1) That my head wouldn’t explode
2) I wanted to help people with PTSD understand why they felt at times like their head was about to explode
3) That people who knew and love those with PTSD would be better equipped and less helpless as they stood by and watch the heads/lives/mouths of those they love, explode in front of them.
Maybe not lofty literary goals for some, but they work for me and people like Amber. Next time I will write about an old man who goes fishing and catches this big fish and cant get it in his boat…either that or my critics can just go play with their bait.
#dealwithit – pissing of ‘Dr. FirstnameOnly’ one TV show at a time.
#drjohnaking #dealwithit #suckmyfish
You can connect with Amber on facebook @amber.walker.319

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