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Jessi Rising reviews No Working Title

Jessi Rising reviews No Working Title – a life in progress.

No Working Title is a book of poetry and stories, autobiographical in nature, outlining the impact of sexual abuse. People who want to learn more about the impact of sexual abuse and trafficking or who have a spouse who has been abused or have been abused themselves, have all told me it is the single most impactful account they have read.

What I have found very encouraging is that women whose male friends, partners or husbands experienced abused, have told me many times it bridge a cap in their understanding and gave them the tools to reach out and connect.

My desire was to help develop a common language through the poetry that would help people do just that. They can read, point and cry. Read, underline and share. read, cuss and sit and have a glass of wine together, whatever it takes.

Thanks to Jessi for taking the time to read and review, she became a 60 second advocate today

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