Every story has a beginning. Every cause a catalyst.

The catalyst for GTAVF was the emotional and mental implosion of Dr. John A. King. At the age of 45 he had total recall of the sexual abuse he suffered from ages 4-16 by both his parents and their friends. 

When he started to come to terms with what happened, desperate to find someone to listen to him and to talk to him, he couldn’t. Support groups were for women only. Therapists and church groups in his area didn’t help, nor could they conceive that men, too, were victims of trafficking and abuse. On one occasion he was told, “You are a stalker, men don’t get abused, you’re here to try and get laid.”

Give Them A Voice Foundation gives a voice to all those that don’t have one. Our work focuses the survivors of sexually abused and human trafficked and those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

GTAVF helps equip law enforcement, health care workers, educators and community leaders identify victims and perpetrators. The multi-award winning documentary, Stopping Traffic, which features the occurrences in the first half of Dr King’s life, brings unparalleled insight into both topics.


We See You.

Victim and Perpetrator identification Seminar for police, health care workers, educators and community groups

In the late 1980’s, a model for identifying victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse and human trafficking was drafted. As a result of our work with police, first responders, academics and health care professionals, GTAVF has developed a new methodology that is revolutionizing the way identification is done.

This seminar is the only one of this type in the world.

Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe is a program designed with parents and guardians in mind. The program looks at the unique challenges they face guiding and guarding children in a digital age and equips them with the tools needed to be successful.

K.K.S. will challenge your perceptions of human trafficking and highlight the dangers that children in your community are facing, while resourcing you to be successful.

Boys to Men

Utilizing current international studies that show that boys and men are abused and trafficked at the same rate if not higher than girls and women, Boys To Men is a powerful look at the impact of sexual abuse, trafficking and pornography on boys as they grow into manhood.

Girl Power

Girl Power is a raw and honest conversation with girls and their parents about the ins and outs of sex trafficking on- and offline. Learn to recognize the behavior of traffickers and how to prevent the women and girls in your life from becoming victims.

From Stress 2 Strength

What if your Post Traumatic Stress could be turned around to Post Traumatic growth? That is what our S2S seminar focuses on.

The research suggests that between 30-70% of individuals who experienced trauma also report positive change and growth coming out of the traumatic experience…What is essential to keep in mind is that post traumatic growth is not a direct result of trauma, but is related to how the individual struggles as a result of the trauma.

Focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses is a basic tenant of recovery. For those who have experienced trauma, this can be very difficult, as there is a tendency to see themselves as inherently weak due to their experiences. Beginning to see themselves from a strengths-based perspective is part of the process toward healing. Shifting your view of trauma as an injury shifts the perspective/belief away from “sickness” to “impact” and moves the conversation away from “what is wrong with you” to “what has happened to you.”

#dealWithIt - living well with PTSD

The #dealWithIt seminar is an up-close and personal account of the day to day realities of managing, screwing up, getting up and going again, all the while living with PTSD.

John and Melissa King share their stories bringing hope, healing and WAY too much information to all who are willing to hear (and don’t run from the room screaming).