8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa

Santa’s not just jolly…he can teach us a thing or two about leadership, apparently.

8 Leadership Lessons from Santa #drjohnaking


8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa: Jeff Fermin and the folks at officevibe have come up with this brilliant infographic on leadership lessons from Santa.


Here is a summary, please visit the article for the full story…it’s worth it
Preach Selflessness
Good leaders will always put others ahead of themselves. They truly believe in the team concept and are aware of the fact that there’s strength in numbers, so they make sure that everyone is buying into the beliefs of the organization by building trust with one another.

Invoke Reciprocity
It’s the Golden Rule! Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Good leaders know to be respectful and polite to all their colleagues. They keep their head down and listen before they begin to preach.

Focus On Outcomes
Good leaders always focus on the bigger picture. They also manage to get this message out to colleagues in a transparent fashion, allowing them to achieve goals with an understanding of why they do it.

Inform And Educate
A good leader will always inform and educate the people around them, allowing colleagues to ask more relevant questions that will benefit the organization, the team, and any projects that are being worked on.