Welcome to Sunday

Pillows lost
Sheets in balls
The smell of sweat, sex and red wine

‘Good morning’
she said with that look in her eye, ‘let me welcome you to Sunday’.

Marvin Gaye was right.
There is such a thing as sexual healing.

Dr John A. King
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  1. I have been reading poems, writings, and vignettes by the AUTHOR for a lengthy period of time. As a poet myself, whose works have been published in over 500 books and journals, to date, I must congratulate this young man for the magnificent progress he has achieved in his works. Albeit, I enjoyed his early writings, he has demonstrated a great maturity in his current submissions. They reach to and resound with my soul. The AUTHOR has earned a front row place among all stellar contemporary artists. I applaud him for his efforts and encourage him to continue penning in his genre.

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