A Human Traffic Documentary That Leaves You Hopeful.




Dr. John A. King, poet, speaker, writer, advocate on the issue of sexual abuse and human trafficking, has had the privilege of being a part of the Stopping Traffic Film (click to view trailer) to be premiered at the Show Me Justice Film Festival, April 5th @ 8:30pm.

Dr. King  horrific and harrowing personal story is featured in the  Stopping Traffic Film, which is slated for the premier spot on opening night, Wednesday evening at 8:30pm.

What Dr. King says about the Stopping Traffic Film: “To me, the most amazing thing is that at the end of seeing this film people leave with a resounding sense that there IS hope and that together we CAN make a difference.”


For Dr. King : Melissa Ryan (817) 320-9591; email melryan@mac.com






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