Stopping Traffic Film Wins Best Picture at Global Film Festival 2017

What a night what a ride !!

Stopping Traffic Film won the best picture award at Global Film Festival in Boston 2017. The Festival focuses on movies that make us care. There were movies from all around the world. Movies dealing with an incredible range of topics from illegal organ harvesting in China to a boxing club in Jerusalem to the plight of refugees in Burma.

Rouf and Lara Jacob curated the festival, and the job they and their team did was outstanding.  It wasn’t only the films that stood out, but the people. People passionate for causes so few of us know about. People making a difference all over the world and taking the time to document there triumphs and trials.

It is not only a privilege to be involved in the project, but to stand as a team and have other activists support what we have done and say, “this issue must be addressed NOW.”

Please join with us at Give Them A Voice Foundation to speak up for the 27 million people who are forced into slavery every year world wide.

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