Your House #drjohnaking #poetry

All of life is a choice.

Your House #drjohnaking #poetry

“Tomorrow, you will live in the house that you build with your Today.”

There is not one thing that has power over you. You have power over everything.


When I speak on the topic of recovery, often people with responded with, “Thats not true, I didn’t choose to be abused, I didn’t choose to face this crisis!”

No you didn’t.

But let me ask you this question, what have you done with what has happened to you?

Have you allowed your past to refine you or define you?

Everything left unattended or uncared-for will eventually perish. Only that for which you care and cultivate will grow and flourish. Are you cultivating victimhood and brokenness, or are you growing recovery and wellness?

Tomorrow you will live in the house you are building today.

So..please be gentle with yourself and others.
Be well
Build well
Live well
Love well


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