Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver

Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver

Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver

One of the primary reason my first marriage broke down and why my second marriage is so successful, is not because I have fully recovered from PTSD. Melissa has never known me as ‘well,’ she as only known me as broken…but she has never seen me like that.

When your wife becomes your ‘caregiver,’ the natural order of marriage is destroyed. If a woman acts like your mother, it is impossible to be intimate with her. Yes, there are times that Melissa, ‘cares’ for me and steps in and helps me in a difficult time. Never once she has assumed the role of a ‘caregiver’ and has never treated me like I was a ‘retard/mentally unstable/idiot/liar/moron/faker/the worst thing that ever happened to her’…no…only ever as her best friend, her lover, her husband.

At the end of every chapter of #dealwithit – living well with PTSD, she talks about how we have faced and will always face our future and challenges together.

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