Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

Don’t Be A Trauma Snowflake

I talk to a lot of people every week and I read a lot of comments on my social media posts and accounts from people who want to chat about their expereinces…all well and good.

However, I am continually surprised how people want to take the time to type and then expect me to take the time to read about how their trauma is sooooo special and unique, sooooo different from everybody else’s. How no one will ever really understand THEIR pain and how THEY will never overcome it. How millions of others will build a fulfilling life, how millions of others may have a wonderful future, but they, THEY are in an exclusive elite club of unique victims, trauma snowflakes, and they will NEVER recover.

Please unfollow me now before you watch the video…it will be better for all of us.

#dealwithit – melting trauma snowflakes daily

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