Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

Duct Tape For The Soul


If someone has duct tape and bailing twine, they can MacGyver anything (old MacGyver not that new tosser), that is why I often refer to #dealwithit as “duct tape for your soul.”
The aim of writing this book was to show you how I managed to put my life back together with what I had in my metaphorical pockets. It talks little about theory and a lot about practicals. Don’t get me wrong; there are over 100 certified learning principals underlining the premise of the book, but you would never know, I didn’t until my editor got hold of it and said :

“WTF – you have no idea what you have here. This is the single, most intuitive text on the application of creative principals as it applies to trauma patients and suffers from C/PTSD that I have ever read and I believe ever been written.
I mean it is FUCKING brilliant.”
– KathySue Dorey (worlds best editor)

My response was; “Oh that’s good. I call it duct tape…kinda the same”.

#dealwithit – read it and grow a better mullet

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