Four Obstacles to Success #drjohnaking

Four Obstacles that Stop you from Achieving your One Thing

Four Obstacles to Success #drjohnakingOur best intentions to achieve our goals can be undone by four common obstacles or crazy makers that seem to constantly invade our world. Here are the four things I keep on guard against:

1) The inability to say no. Your focus determines your reality, you have to be able to say no to those things that will take you off course.

2) Concerned for chaos. Chaos always accompanies change and focus. You have be prepared to allow the non essentials to mount up in order to achieve the essentials.

3) Poor personal habits. Make sure you don’t allow the every day important issues of personal healthy eating and exercise to disappear for an extended length of time.

4) Make sure your works space is conducive to your success. Have what you need available to get the job done.

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