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Give One 2019

We are constantly getting reports about the impact that #dealwith – living well with PTSD is having on lives around the world.

A recent letter from a VA nurse highlighted that fact for us and we have challenged ourselves to find a way to give away 10,000 copies in the next 12 months.

If you would like to be a part of our ‘Give One 2019’ project, you can make a donation through our website or you can drop us an email at updates@drjohnaking.com. All giving to this project are tax deductible.

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Email Excerpts From A V.A. Nurse

As a nurse who works with veterans with substance abuse (and often comorbid PTSD), I don’t often share my experiences with those outside my scope of practice, but I had to drop you a line today.

I have been working with one veteran who has been struggling with addiction and PTSD. He has  been in and out of multiple programs and found it difficult to connect with members of his treatment team.

I have been reading a copy of your book and watching your videos, and mentioned to this veteran how impressed I was with your story and your message.

What I love about your book. There’s no cookie cutter answer, there’s no magic pill- there are guidelines to help reset the switches in your body but you have to work at it every day.

I gave him my copy of your book this morning- and he already has read the first 20 pages. He has connected more with your book than most therapists in the last year. I have a little more hope that he might not relapse, that he can make it until his bed date on Wednesday just by holding onto your book.

Thank you for all your work….


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