Good Fences Make Good Boundaries #drjohnaking

Good Fences for Good Boundaries

Good Fences Make Good Boundaries #drjohnakingIn order to come to this place each of us has to be clear about what the important things are to us and we must also be aware that all of our decisions are leading us towards our purpose or away from it.

Toward a life of integrity or away from it.

Not one of us can be all things to all people.

We have natural limitation, naturally we are not omnipotent.

In order to stay centered, to stay focused we have to establish clear boundaries.

Boundaries are the borders we create around ourselves by the limits that we set.

Limits that again…and I am not trying to be redundant, just reinforce.

I am trying to show you that all of this is interconnected.

Limits that are based upon, and driven by your mission in life and the values that you hold dear.

Limits around time, limits around whom we allow to speak into our life and occupy our life.

Boundaries: are the imaginary lines that tell people how close they can get and what they can expect from us.

They are the points of demarcation that stop areas leaking over from one to another, or relationships or non-essential commitments pulling you away from what is essential.

Robert Frost put it brilliantly when he said:

Good fences make good neighbors.

Good Boundaries put us in charge by consciously allowing us to choose what goes on inside our life, what we allow into our inner circle.

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