Living Life Well With PTSD

Living Life Well With PTSD

Living Life Well With PTSD

Comparisons are not only odorous but a waste of bloody time.

You are the only you that you will ever have.

You have to embrace the new you that is arising out of the ashes of C/PTSD and redefine your new normal for your new self and your new life.

If you do not then you will never understand what it is to move from PT Stress to PT Strenght. On the other side of where and who you think you should be, is the 2.0 waiting to be embraced.

The day I started to understand that John 1.0 was never going to return and started to understand and appreciate the strengths of John 2.0 was the day that I started to turn the shit that WAS my life into the fertilizer of my tomorrow.

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