it is not over


One of the biggest issues faced by those that have experienced trauma of an extreme nature is a sense that the life they feel they never lived, is over, its done, its finished, stolen and gone for ever.

That is simple not the case, that is a choice.

You have the power to choose how your story ends.

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  1. Boy, do I wish that were true… that I had a choice how my story ends.
    But I don’t, my life will remain unlived until I’m dead and men like me will suffer for another 50, 100 years… and then if we haven’t killed ourselves yet as a species, then maybe….

    But I’m a man. Nobody except the select few good souls left on this Godforsaken planet, gives a fuck that men get abused–they only care when the abused become abusers… at which point there is no help for them–only condemnation.
    Thanks feminism. Clearly when it comes to equality, you’re doing it right.

    1. theAuthor

      I know what you feel like. It’s tough. But there is hope and there is a rising voice. I agree there is incredible bias in this area against men who have experienced what we have experienced. I remember when I first sort out help, the only support groups available for for women. No one wanted to acknowledge the fact that as boys we had been abused. But the climate is changing. Love the hashtag.

    1. theAuthor

      The reason the comment has to be approved is because I get a surprising amount of vile ‘hate’ posts. Some woman who don’t want me telling my story or trying to be a voice for men. It’s like they have camped out on the subject and declared it a female is.

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