Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

Paths to Recovery

“There were two therapist sitting in a bar….” or maybe I should say, “There were a thousand therapist sitting in a bar and a massive bar fight broke out because they each had their own opinion on how WE were suppose to recover.”

Just like it is your story, it is your journey. There is no right or wrong way…there is just the journey. For me I found EMDR useful for a time, but really it has been tenacity, writing, the gym and being future focused that has helped me through.

If I had stopped pursuing recovery, if I had allowed the options of others and even the sway of a therapist to determine my course, I would never be this far down the path to wholeness. If you spend anytime reading or talking to others about their story you will find that there are as many similarities as there are  people recovering.

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