Power of Your Partner In PTSD Recovery

I talk about this extensively in my book “#dealwithit – living well with PTSD.”

Doing life on your own is lonely, coming to terms with your PTSD on your own is just about impossible.

A ‘partner’ is a person who sits outside of your day to day battle. It should be someone you trust, someone who is for you, someone who ‘sees’ the person you are trying to be and not the person you occasionally are.

It can be your spouse, a friend, a confidant, really anyone who is for you. Sometimes a spouse isn’t the best person to turn to because they are in the trenches with you day in and day out. They can get stuck in their perspective of you and lose sight of the fact that you are doing everything you know to do (and you should be!) to change and address the issues you face daily.

At the end of each chapter of “#dealwithit – living well with PTSD,” Melissa takes the time to outline how we as a couple approach building a life together. People have told us that it is incredibly insightful and helpful.

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