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PTSD Awareness Month – Say Something Do Something

This month is PTSD Awareness Month, and I want us all to become active and courageous and start chatting about the issue.

Awareness is one of those weird words that once used to mean something. Of late, it has been hijacked by the meme-too movements, you know the ones, they put out a meme once a month and people go…’ahhhh kittens’ and nothing changes. True awareness is different, it starts by being conscious of something, of directly knowing, perceiving and feeling it.

How better to bring awareness than YOU. It’s time to turn your scars of shame into medals of honor.

I want to encourage everyone who has already purchased and read #dealwithit – living well with PTSD, to do a video review of what you learned from the book and how you are applying to your life, and I am going to share it with the world. True courage is vulnerability, and true awareness comes from sharing your story and helping others know that they are not alone.

John and Mel
(ps – the new PTSD Awareness t-shirt is fecking awesome – well-done wife !!)

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