Sex and the Abuse Survivor

We talk about it, joke about, fight about, we want it, it is sex. The pleasures and comforts we derive from sex are unique to us as human beings. But what if you’re a survivor of sexual abuse? Maybe it was a single event; maybe it was prolonged abuse over many years, regardless those encounters change the way we personal view or physical intimacy when compared to others

So how come now one is talking about this? The therapist wants to bill us hundreds of dollars, but as a community, we seem to be silence on a topic that affects all of us.

In the new book, I am writing, ‘Going Again’ I talk about the things that I had to face in my recovery and I have decided to do a chapter on sex. I am going to look at the difficulties, the challenges, the joys, the hurt everything and anything that I can do to help people like you and I redefine our normal in this area of our life.

That is where you have a chance to add your voice to the conversation. Will you help?

I’m looking for some men and women to contribute their thoughts, reflection and stories. I want to use these stories to give perspective and to help people understand it from our point of view. Maybe you’re the spouse of a survivor, and you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas – I would love to hear from you as well.


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Dr John A. King

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