VDay #drjohnaking #noworkingtitle #poetry

Sex is a conversation, are you talking?

VDay #drjohnaking #noworkingtitle #poetry

Sex is a conversation.

Have you talked to your lover today?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a couple when they stop having sex? Some have suggested that the impact is not only emotional and relational but physical, everything from prostate problems to an increased risk of urinary tract infection. I heard of a doctor once suggesting to a woman that her hair loss was a result of low testosterone because she was not having enough sex, her response was…”well I am going to end up bald then I suppose”.

Lane Moore from Cosmopolitan says (so we know it must be true) that basically having sex every day makes you a genius superhero:

So in theory, having sex every single day would make you fertile, live longer, never get sick, and have the brain of noted genius Beyoncé. Basically, sex makes you a superhero.

As Bonnie Tyler once said, 80’s hair and all, she needed a Hero; Alesso tells us we could all be Hero’s and Cosmopolitan just told us how…so what are you waiting for? Stop reading and go ‘save’ someone !!

Happy Valentines Day

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