VDay 01 #drjohnaking #poetry

Sex is a Conversation.

VDay 01 #drjohnaking #poetry

Sex is a conversation.

It’s the language of love spoken between best friends.

We have all had those times of deep and intimate connection. Times where nothing and everything is said. It could be a quicky before the kids wake up, raunchy rough play after WAAYY to many drinks, soft and slow for hours on a Sunday morning  or picnic table after a long walk at midnight! What ever, where ever, what was communicate went beyond words.

Communication is the basis for everything in life. Corrupt communication leads to corrupt and bankrupted relationships. Sex is the glue of any married relationship. For sex to be good there must be mutual respect, trust, honesty, openness and willingness.

Why not plan to start a fresh conversation today?

Happy Valentines Day 2016.

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