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Tuck Your Chin and Throw Punches

Struggles, opposition, failure—all of these make up the landscape of every day life, but Western society doesn’t deal well with them. The modern church does not have a doctrine of suffering, and modern business only honors the victory, it never celebrates the trials on the way to the victory.

Now add the extra layer on top of all of this of illness or other adversity, and the benchmarks for success are very limited, if not nonexistent, for those who suffer.

So what are we to do? How are we to measure our progress?

Trying not to over-simplify things, but ask yourself the simple question, “Am I still in the fight?”, then measure your “success” by your answer.

I don’t know what success means for others, but I know what it has come to mean to me: if I am still standing and if I am still fighting, I am being successful.

I long for peace.

I long to be free of the daily fray that is my lot in life, but until that day comes, till that shore is reached, I will rise every morning with expectation and a belief that if I don’t find peace and relief today, there is a great possibility and hope that I will tomorrow.

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