Living from the Inside Out #drjohnaking

Very Few People Ever Ask Why

Living from the Inside Out #drjohnakingOften it tracks like this:

In our 20’s, we are busy building a career based upon the expectations that others have for us. Everything revolves around the desires, dreams or ambitions that they have for our lives.

Unfortunately, some of those desires arise out of their own lack of fulfillment. For example, Daddy wasn’t the lawyer he wanted to be, he worked in construction, therefore you have to be the lawyer. Mom wanted to play in Led Zeppelin, but she didn’t have the hair for it, so you were made to take up the electric accordion.

In our 30’s most of us continue on this path of least resistance, never stopping to ask ourselves the questions, “Am I fulfilled? Am I on the right path? Am I engaged in my life?”

We end up with a family, a mortgage and a growing sense of frustration.

Then, when most of us hit our 40’s and 50’s, we seem to stop and one of two things happen:

a) we re-examine and refocus our lives
b) we live our remaining days as victims, trying to make amends for the person we were, and the pain we inflicted on others.

Very few people ever really stop to scrutinize their life, re-examine their earlier choices and consider redesigning their life for a greater more fulfilling purpose.

They don’t seem to stop and reposition themselves to live from the inside out.

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