Job Opportunity




I was running a boutique leadership training and corporate coaching company making about $350k a year when ‘John-A-ggedon’ kicked in, in the form of Complex Post Traumatic Stress. I lost everything, including my ability to make an income the way I was once able to.

I found it very hard to find and keep a job, particularly in the early stages of learning to manage PTSD. An employer, understandably, doesn’t ‘get’ how one day you can work 48 hours straight and be the top performer, then the next day you are so confused you can’t seem to find the phone before it rings out.

I could not tell the truth on a job application because no one was going to hire someone they feared was going to ‘go postal’ at the next staff gathering. As a result, I ended up being taken advantage of many times because I needed to pay the bills.

I came across Zilis (they are the company behind the Ultra Cell product) in January of this year, and I could not be happier. Not only is their compensation plan the best in the industry, but they also offer the chance to get a car allowance (up to $1500 per month) and health benefits (up to $1500 per month), residual income and profit sharing.

Zilis makes Ultra Cell available three ways: Retail, Wholesale and Direct to Consumer. Melissa and I have decided that we want to focus on building a sales team full of people with PTSD and their families.

Why? Because we want to give you a chance we didn’t have–a chance to make a bunch of money and get the life and leadership skills you need to succeed for many years to come.

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