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effects of childhood sexual abuse

weathered man #drjohnaking

A Weathered Man

The thought behind this work is life may ‘bronze you but doesn’t have to burn you.’ You might…

Your House #drjohnaking #poetry

All of life is a choice.

“Tomorrow, you will live in the house that you build with your Today.” There is not one thing…

Boys raped more often than girls

The Daily Mail has written an interesting article entitled:  Married teacher ‘was sex monster who seduced boys aged 13…

Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

The Sound of Sunshine

The Sound of Sunshine “On difficult days when the storm is ragging within me I sit wait and…

Dr. John A. King PTSD help Trauma Recovery #dealwithit

A New Dawn

All of us need a friend. And all of us need to be careful with the types of…

Difficult Days #drjohnaking #poetry

Difficult Days

I am tired Tired of the battle Weary of the struggle Worn out Worn down by constant effort…