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2 Primary School Children Abused By 11 Adults, 6 Female, 5 Male

The United State of America is the only western country to be still swayed by the outdated cultural bias that sexual abuse is perpetrated upon female victims by male predators. Every other law enforcement agency but ours is equipped and prepared to help both little boys and girls and to investigate women as often as men for the sexual abuse of those in their care.

In a horrendous case, that was brought to my attention some 18 months ago, a report out of Ireland outlines the story of how two primary aged children described being forced to perform oral sex on adults and also being raped by some of them. This 5 and 6-year-old little boy and girl also gave detailed physical descriptions of all the adults involved. The 11 identified and named individuals, included their mother, their father, two male relatives, a female relative, three teenage girls and two other men. They also alleged another female relative was present when they were abused.

In another case at Dublin District Court, the judge heard how two teenage boys in foster care were regularly subjected to beatings, bullying, and violation. They were also repeatedly threatened with having their throats cut or being shot by people in the community to make them shut up about what was happening to them on a daily basis.

These stories are 2 of 16 case studies published by the Child Care Law Reporting Project in an effort to reform the foster care system in Ireland.

Thank you to Michelle Hennessy for a tremendous account of the work the Irish Government is doing and a timely reminder that the prevention and protection of those that have been sexual abuse is not a #genderrigths issue but a #humanrights issue.




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