Top 100 Influence Leaders #drjohnaking #humantrafficking #dealwithit

Dr. John A. King Named to the Top 10 of Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders of 2017

TOP 100 #drjohnaking #humantrafficking #dealwithit


It was an honor and a privilege to be mentioned among the top 100 influence leaders worldwide for human trafficking and slavery, let alone to find out I was in the top 10.

Often I’ve been asked if anyone can really make a difference in this field. We started out to simply change the conversation about trafficking and sexual abuse to be inclusive of men and boys. Let me recap the last three years for you:

So all I can say, is that 3 years ago I HOPED we might make a difference, and now I believe I can say, we just might be on the right track. I will have MADE a difference when all are free everywhere.

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