The Female Abuser: Protected By Society

There is currently a major bias within society and the justice systems which leans towards the belief that most abusers are male and most victims are female. However, recent research actually indicates that the opposite may be true and it seems that women are increasingly taking on the role of being the abuser.

The first official source that I’ve noticed who have now actually started acknowledging this fact is the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) in their latest television advert, which shows an image of a bruised child along with the caption ‘How can Jack take another beating from his mum?’

Many charities and organizations falsely claim to help male victims of domestic violence. However, upon actually attempting to seek this help there appears to be very little available. These types of organizations are usually mainly focused at women whilst men in abusive relationships are seen as weak and are commonly turned away.

There is a twisted logic and bias to society which presupposes that men should be able to deal with abuse. The fact is that nobody deserves to be abused or turned away when seeking help and long-term abuse of any kind can cause severe psychological trauma leading to mental illness, anxiety, poor health and even strokes and heart attacks. Being made to face up to the abuse is not help.

The common act of paternity fraud shows this accurately indicating that up to 30% of fathers who get a paternity test for their child turn out to not actually be the biological father of the child.

A study of 11,000 men and women was conducted by the Harvard Medical School and US Center for Disease Control. According to this study, up to 26% of homosexual men, 29% of straight men and 39% of bisexual men have reported being the victims of domestic violence. Even more men – up to 48% – experienced psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of their partners. Half of these relationships were shown to have involved reciprocal violence (abuse from both sides) whilst the other half showed that the non-reciprocal violence (attacking first) was initiated by the female members of the relationships.

The fact is that male victims of domestic abuse wrongly suffer from gender bias despite the appropriate research indicating the complete opposite.

Another study which was part of the National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center indicated that there is more abuse/violence in lesbian relationships than there is in heterosexual relationships, also showing that most abusers are female. The studies clearly show that women are more abusive than men and that 70% of non-reciprocal abuse is actually initiated by women.

Further research conducted by the University of Florida shows that women are 70% more likely to physically/sexually abuse their own children than men are.


  • Jon Schmidt
    March 30, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    I have no problem with your article NWT; but it seems to me that your sampling of research is very selective. We know that in domestic violence, it is the men who are more likely to kill or do more serious harm. You might look at Dr Michael Johnson’s research on domestic violence and the different types. Also, your stat about physical/sexual abuse omits that most children (male or female) are sexually abused by men.

    However, I agree that women do perpetrate violence/abuse and that there are myths/stereotypes about it. I often argue this point. There are movies about the “glory” of boys being sexually “initiated” to manhood by older women; but if we turn the sexes around, everybody would be clear that an older man “introducing sex” to a girl is sexual abuse. So we need to attack this double standard. There are also very different styles of narratives used when a man or a woman is caught having sexually abused a teen; men appear to me to be more likely to be painted as “monsters” but women appear to be pitied, and seen as sad/wounded.

    • theAuthor
      April 1, 2015 at 10:54 am

      So we need to attack this double standard.

      is what i am attempting to do

    • daddybones45
      August 7, 2016 at 4:29 pm

      Women actually kill their male partners a great deal more than the reverse. History has known this; it was for this reason that the incredibly strong measure of Sati was brought to ancient India. Even looking within recent centuries there are available league tables of wives that have killed whole series of husbands, and in cold blood, for their money. It is less common now primarily because the state has taken up the cudgels; the state with now also absolves women for these murders, citing false claims of lifelong abuse and such.

      The deliberate, utter lack of provision for men who are truly option-less victims of female abuse is the prime killer of wives and girlfriends today. Such male murderers are generally driven beyond sanity. The DV industry understands this and does nothing still, because dead women mean more income for the charities and NGOs.

      Also, the most common form of severe injury in DV is head wounds suffered by men who’ve had objects thrown at them by women. Again, plenty of research shows this; seek and ye shall find. Women are vastly more violent to men than the reverse. Men commit more violence in life, yes, but virtually none of it is directed at women. Over half of female violence is DV.

      Feminism represents the mirror opposite of the male-female truths. All common misconceptions are based on over 150 years of such feminist lies.

  • Jpcpa
    April 27, 2015 at 8:17 am

    Well said! So important 2 examine our biases as a society.. as well as incomplete or 1-sided information..

  • Sherry Clyburn
    April 27, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    You’re stating facts. There should be no hate mail over this. I believe there are as many women who perpetrate abuse as women. The thing is, there needs to be more research done in this area. I also believe there are as many men as there are women who have been abused. It’s just that stigma removes men from having the freedom to be open about it. At this time it is only my belief and the research I have done, that prove this, however, there are many who agree with what I am saying and it is not only men who are agreeing with me. One day this will be proven.

  • Pesel Beyla
    April 16, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Most female abusers sleep with powerful men outside their relationship to keep protected—–

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