Female paedophiles: Why women sexually abuse children

I found this article in the UK Telegraph very interesting. In some ways I feel they dance around the issue trying to follow the standard line of “It is all the man’s fault”. But once they got over that, they started to drill down a little deeper.

The line that caught my eye was the closing statement by Tony Beech:

Tony Beech, criminological psychology professor at the University of Birmingham says that women don’t commit as many crimes as men but they might, very gradually, start catching up.

“Women seem to be more like men these days,” he explains, referencing a recent rise in drinking and violence. That wouldn’t necessarily affect their chances of becoming paedophiles, which is based on sexual attraction to children, but it could mean an increase in women being sexually violent towards children.

It is worth a read. Again here is the link.

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  • Patrice
    October 5, 2015 at 9:54 am

    it’s a dang shame that there’s so much of this going on in the world . They are really messing children’s minds up.

  • safikarim
    October 5, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    Even this article sounds like people really just don’t like the idea that women can be perverted and vindictive just like men can. It always falls back on the “women only do it because of the coercion of men” (even though statistically, it’s only a minority of cases where women abuse alongside men at all, let alone under the coercion of men: even when they abuse alongside men, that doesn’t mean the woman was being coerced into it) Or “women only do it because they feel threatened by men”

    For example:
    Some of those women will choose an adolescent victim – such as recent cases of teachers having sex with teenage boys and grooming them. “These women are more into the idea of a relationship,” explains Cortoni. “They just choose an adolescent instead of an adult partner because they’re less threatening, and they can be in charge.”

    Choosing an immature, underdeveloped adolescent boy because he’s “less threatening” to me really just sounds like they’re trying to justify these women’s behaviors with “if adult men weren’t so scary an dangerous, women wouldn’t have to resort to young boys”

    “But when it comes to women who chooses a prepubescent child as their victim, they want to feel totally in charge.”

    How is this any different than their motivation for choosing adolescent boys? After all, in a “relationship” between a 30-50 year old adult teacher and a 13-16 year old adolescent boy, isn’t it also the case that the woman in this situation is totally in charge? What power would a boy have in that situation? It’s completely imbalanced and completely abusive; why is it being portrayed as anything other than a controlling woman preying on an adolescent boy because he’s easier to manipulate than an adult man?

    This whole thing about men being driven by sex and violence and women being driven by romance and intimacy is really nothing more than the very came cliches and stereotypes that prevent people from recognizing female sex predators’ existence, and/or from recognizing their danger to society in the first place

    “I suspect it’s much more underreported.” Of course it is, but not only is it underreported by the victims but also under-acknowledged, because even boys who do report have a hard time being believed. There’s too much cognitive dissonance in society to the point where even when stories come out about female abusers, people want to twist it into a male problem–either because the woman was the victim of some man or because she felt the need to seek “intimacy” from a boy (often whom they’re in positions of power over) because, apparently, adult men intimidate her too much so she had no other option

    I don’t think that excuse would hold up if a male pedophile claimed to be intimidated by adult women (maybe because he was abused by a domineering mother as a child) and had to have relations with an adolescent girl to feel equal in a relationship. One should investigate why these kinds of excuses are so readily accepted when a female predator wants to use them to her defense

  • mdricex
    October 6, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Unfortunately, even within criminal psychology and clinical psychopathology there is a resistance to the concept that women can be monsters and could never be as bad an abuser as a male. My opinion: they are actually much worse, they just do not get caught as often and/or it is so unbelievable that some man is blamed somehow. I have seen this happen in case after case of female abusers who became part of a serial killer couple. No matter how much evidence points to the contrary, mothers or females are somehow less culpable and any evil they may do is somehow blamed on their husbands or fathers or some close male. It is utterly ridiculous.

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