How child sexual abuse is tackled around the world.

The BBCNewsbeat discuss how child sexual abuse is tackled around the world.

I have briefly summarized the key points.


Indonesia is sex-holiday destination for many paedophiles, particular coming from Britain and Australia. Following the gang rape of a 14-year old girl President Joko Widodo said that his new law would wipe out paedophilia in Indonesia.

Indonesia passed laws earlier this month  authorising chemical castration for paedophiles. The castration involves injecting convicts with female sex hormones to reduce their libido.

Russia, Poland, South Korea and Sweden.

All three of these countries use a similar method of chemical castration, which is also being trialled in Sweden.

The procedure does not involved the sterilization or remove of organs.

All four of these countries sue the procedure on those found guilty of the sexual abuse of children.


German is trying an approach that they see as preventative.  Since 2015 they have provided therapy  for people who feel that they might commit crimes against children under a program called “Kein Täter Werden”. Unfortunately it provides confidentiality for abusers and is being seen as some as a shield to those who have already abused children. Abusers have been known to enter the program in an attempt to flee margin with authorities.

One of the main issues i have with this program is that all of its marketing material is aimed at male offenders and does not take into consideration the very real presence of female paedophiles.


Britain offers a combination of programs. Stop It Now! which is similar to the German program but without the confidentiality that the german programs provide. The British also offer chemical castration to prisoners.

Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is still old school. They will use physical castration on convicted sexual offenders when requested.

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