How To Start Your Own Sex Trafficking Operation

How To Start Your Own Sex Trafficking Operation

Well I hope the title got your attention and didn’t get me banned from social media platforms !!

The aim of this post is to educate you on how the majority of trafficking cases started. The film Taken was a great eye-opener to people and helped bring awareness to the issue of trafficking. It made some parents more vigilant about the physical safety of their children. That vigilance has not crossed over into other areas of their personal lives and the lives of the children they care for. The methods I describe in this video are being used most often in everyday suburban settings across America.

Parents/Guardians – being active and involved in the lives of the children you care for is the most successful way to prevent them from being caught up in something that will change all of your lives forever. A 20 min conversation now or a life time of remorse and regret, you get to have a choice…today.


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