Human Trafficking Victim Secures Freedom

Human Trafficking Victim Gains Financial Freedom

This was very exciting news for us. A victim of human trafficking is securing her financial freedom through a job creation initiative run by members of our team in Lynchburg VA.

So fare we have helped 60 people get up and going and on their way to finical freedom.

The company we are working with offers benefits, over time, for things like a car allowance for a new jeep, healthcare reimbursement and so much more.

With two entry points of $599 and $1299 there has never been abetter way to start into retail or direct sales in the CBD/Full Spectrum hemp Oil business. An industry that is predicted to be $1 Trillion by 2030.

To set up a time to chat about how the product addresses so many issues associated with PTSD and/or how you can get involved in the business opportunity, please email Melissa and myself at updates@drjohnaking.com