Kids as young as two are abused every eight minutes on the internet

Kids as young as two are abused every eight minutes on the internet.

Did you just get sick to your stomach? Any normal person would.  Last week I reported an article that looked at the effects of pornography on ‘every day’ sex and the prevailing acceptance of what was once seen as ‘fringe sexual acts’ now becoming the norm for people. In an article from Australia, Wendy Squires states :

“Yes, I know I am making broad brush-stroke generalisations here and not every young girl is treating her body as a receptacle, or intending to send sexually available signals with their appearance. But the fact is that there is a generation of boys who are learning the art of seduction by watching porn, expecting their partners to be as willing, worked-up and compliant as the women moaning and writhing on screen.”

Unfortunately the statement “Life Imitates Art” is very much a reality when it comes to porn, sex and human trafficking.

In a heart breaking article Internet Watch Foundation says a web page showing a child being sexually abused is identified every eight minutes – with some victims younger than two years old.

If we truly want to stop the sexual abuse of children. If we truly want to end human trafficking, we are going to have to have a ‘grown up’ conversation about the role of the production and consumption of pornography in then vicious cycle. If you want to keep watching your porn, if you want to keep that aspect of your ‘freedom of speech’ – then please go protest baby seal clubbing. Why?Because we need activist that are intelligent and rational as well as passionate in this space. You can say a seal with that attitude, your not going to save a kid.

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