Sexual Predators Part 2 – Keeping Our Kids Safe


Mari Bonnemaison and Marisa Arbona-Ruiz were part of this year’s Emmy Award-winning team that produced the PBS special, “Internet Safety 101,” in three, one-hour television programs.

Its goal is to raise awareness of online sexual predators and the tactics of illegal pornographers on the internet.

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Here are the highlight they mentioned:
Here are some rules and tools they share from the project to help keep your kids safe:
1. Establish an ongoing dialogue and keep the lines of communication open.
2. Supervise use of all internet enabled devices.
3. Know your child’s online activities and friends.
4. Regularly check the online communities your children use, such as social networking and gaming sites, to see what information they are posting.
5. Supervise the photos and videos your kids post and send online.
6. Discourage the use of webcams and chat rooms.
7. Remind your children to think before they post as there are no take-backs online.
8. Use privacy settings and set age-appropriate filters.
9. Instruct your children to avoid meeting someone face to face they only know online.
10.  Teach your children how to respond to cyber bullies.

Please take time to read the entire article and look at the supporting video.

Dr John A. King


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