Want to buy a slave? They are going today for $9500 in New Jersey

Here is the written text from the advertisement offering young Asian women for sale in New Jersey. At what point will “We The People…” say enough is enough?


We have been in this lifestyle of supplying properly trained slave girls and [….] Asian girls to [….] that seek their services.Many people find it difficult coming across serious minded slaves on various [….] websites and our services actually help reduce the stress of looking for a suitable slave.We have a stock of asian girls comprising of japanese,chinese,Malaysian,indonesian,Philippines and thailand girls and they have all been trained properly to serve.They have all given their consent and are all fully aware of what is involved in this and are mentally and physically prepared for this life changing decision.

We are based out of Malaysia and not in Trenton like the advertisement says, we are just using this opportunity to create awareness about our services to people in Trenton,USA and Northern America as a whole.Our girls are between the ages of 19 years up to 38 years of age.

They have all been properly trained and we can assure you that you would get value for your money for purchasing a slave from us. If you are above 35 years of age and you are serious about owning a slave and you are also financially capable of owning a slave then feel free to get in touch with us.

Our girls cost between 9,500USD up to 12,500USD .We would only sell our slaves to people we know can handle them properly. If you are interested in trying our our service then feel free to contact us at […..] @ gmail.com and we will be glad to respond back to you. Serious minded people only should contact us, we will not entertain mails from jokers or people in Africa…No scams please…serious buyers only should bother contacting us.


If you would like to financially support our efforts here in the USA and worldwide, please click here. If you would like to have us speak at an event around these topics, please contact us here.

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