7 Leadership Tips when the Business is Struggling #drjohnaking

7 Leadership Tips When The Business Is Struggling

Martin Zwilling7 Leadership Tips when the Business is Struggling #drjohnaking wrote an interesting piece in Forbes a while back, I thought I would give you the highlights:

Expect anxiety on the team and deal with it directly. When things are not going well, or when the future is clouded with unknowns, expect to find people on the team who are scared and angry.

Don’t send a representative in lieu of direct contact. Lack of your physical presence is read as detachment, or lack of leadership. Direct contact, to people at every level, is the best way to generate trust, respect, support, and action.

Everyone has to pull their weight in the same boat. Create an environment that encourages and rewards participation and progress, with no penalties for missteps.

Practice the eight out of ten rule. Generally, out of ten ideas, eight are not usable, but that’s the only way to get to those two good ones. So welcome all suggestions and praise every attempt, which will encourage more ideas. This may also be stated as the Pareto principle, where 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the efforts.

Here is a link to the full article, it is worth a read.

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