Bored at Work? Here Are 7 Ways to Snap Out of It

Your not bored !! Your just ready for the next thing.

Learn New Skills.

If you regularly hand off something to the tech people, or the graphics people, there’s a good chance that you could be sending it in a more helpful format. Insert yourself and make yourself more valuable.

Deepen Your Network

Use your booooring on-the-job time to network with your coworkers. Find out what they’re working on, where they worked last, whether they go to industry events after work, where they volunteer or play sports.

Give Back

If you’re so damn bored, then things are probably pretty easy for you at work. There are plenty of people who would love to have a job like yours and think that it’s “easy.” Is there a mentorship program in your organization? Maybe there’s one associated with an industry group you’re in or could join? If not, start one

Make the Little Things More Fun

Bring in some nice things from home. An under-desk foot warmer for winter, or some slippers that look like shoes that you wear only under your desk. Get a little vase and fresh flowers. How about some luxe DJ-style headphones?

Start Looking for a New Gig

The easiest time to get a new job is when you’re already employed. Don’t let this job get worse and worse until you damage your network and references. Don’t wait to get fired for your lackluster attitude.