VDay #drjohnaking #poetry

Sex is a conversation, are you saying something new?

VDay #drjohnaking #poetry
Sex is a conversation.

Sometimes it is loud and funny.

Sometimes a quiet secret.

But never the same, always new and fresh.

For some reason  “it became boring and stale” is often a complaint married people have about their love lives. When I hear that I think they are actually talking about every area of their marriage. I would image that they don’t have hobbies together. Don’t do spontaneous random stuff just because. They watch to much sensible TV and eat sensible food and wear sensible clothes and take sensible holidays together.

You remember what it is like sitting with your best friend and just laughing for hours? About nothing and everything. Or just getting up one Saturday morning and yelling ‘Road Trip’ and you know you have 15 mins to pack and the only decision you have made about your destination is that you will make all decision on a coin toss? Or sitting huddled the corner of a bar sharing a quiet drink and a quieter thought and never being more complete?

It is all communication. It is effortless intimacy. If you don’t have that in your day to day, you not going to have it between the sheets, on the couch, in an elevator or on a highway in the middle of nowhere.

Do something different. Have a different conversation for Valentines Day 2016, because as some wise meme somewhere once said “If you do the same thing over and over again, you can not expect a different result”.

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