6 Lessons for the Leaders of Tomorrow #drjohnaking

Six Lessons For The Leaders of Tomorrow

Six Lessons for the Leaders of Tomorrow #drjohnakingRod Cartwright has written a great article Six lessons for the leaders of tomorrow here are some highlight points.


  1. Leaders’ actions, not just their words, show what the organization values. “Leading by example” tops the list of key leadership attributes, immediately followed by “communicating in an open and transparent way” – underlining the critical importance of avoiding pernicious “say-do” gaps.
  2. Transparency is non-negotiable. Provide it voluntarily to build trust or it will be imposed on you, whether you like it or not.
  3. Chart a visible course for continuously making the future better. Make no mistake – amid all of today’s pressures and challenges, the world still seeks leaders capable of showing clear, decisive vision.
  4. Admit mistakes, solve problems and move forward. As much as we continue to crave strong, visionary leaders, the willingness to admit mistakes is the third most important leadership attribute and a mark of strength, not weakness – as long as it is backed up by decisive action.
  5. Collaborate and bring others to the table to solve problems. The top “emerging” leadership attribute is the ability to build and inspire teams who will create the future – underlining the role of the leader as empowering facilitator, rather than know-it-all autocrat.
  6. Treat your employees as you would like your brand or organization to be treated. The most powerful leadership starts inside the organization – something leaders ignore at their peril.

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